Marshalls Driveline 50 Pewter Multi Block Paving 200X100X50MM (pewter)

Marshalls Driveline 50 Pewter Multi Block Paving 200X100X50MM
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Driveline 50®   

Make a statement with Britain’s most popular block paving.


·        Colour: Pewter

·        Size 200 x 100 x 50mm

·        488 blocks  per pack

·        Weight: 1112kg per pack

·        Pack covers area 9.76m2

Driveline 50®


Following intensive technical research and production trials, Marshalls has achieved significant colour enhancements and textural improvements for the Driveline 50 range, the UK’s market leading driveway product:


• Deep, rich colour right through the block

• More sustainable: 39% less carbon is now used in the production of Driveline 50 Block Paving

• Improved wear and fade resistance means it looks better for longer

• Made to last – the durability exceeds the requirements of the British version of the European Standard Specification

• Available in 7 popular colours: Brindle, Red, Charcoal, Buff, Burnt Ochre, Bracken and Pewter Multi

• Suitable for driveways and patios and mixes with many other types of paving

• Driveline 50 is made in different factories in England, Scotland and Wales. For the optimum colour blend, we do not recommend mixing blocks from different factories on the same site

• Take blocks from a number of packs to get a multi-shade effect, colour blending can also be ensured by taking blocks from a vertical column rather than a horizontal layer